Legislation and Subsidies

Let us assist with accessing financial incentives and navigating legislation in your market.

Find your subsidies

The world over, local and national governments, as well as international economic unions like the EU, are encouraging renewable investments, including solar thermal, through various subsidies and incentive programs.

At Heliac, we are pleased to share our comprehensive knowledge of existing programs that may be applicable and of interest to our customers’ projects. We are especially well-informed about EU-specific programs and schemes but can also assist in non-EU markets.

Regulatory affairs

Whereas many incentive programs are cross-border schemes, legislation regarding solar thermal plants is typically national or even local.

Still, our experts at Heliac are standing by to assist, where they can, with navigating regulatory affairs to help shorten the time from decision to final approval as much as possible.


In case of any questions regarding subsidies and legislation, please reach out.