Discover how we turn century-old techniques into high-efficiency heat storage solutions for modern-day companies.

This is how it works

Surprisingly simple and economical yet incredibly powerful, RockStore is the heat storage system industries around the world have been asking for.

Heliac’s RockStore solution uses granite rocks in large steel tanks to store heat up to 300 °C. Heat sources can be anything from a customer’s waste heat or heat generated from a Heliac solar field to excess renewable electricity. In other words, an incredibly versatile solution for a wide range of applications.

RockStore tanks are charged and discharged using an eco-friendly oil that interfaces with the user’s heat systems through a standard heat exchanger.

The system can be charged and discharged as required, allowing customers to use energy when it is most needed.

In larger systems, the storage solution can even include a steam turbine for power generation. Get in touch with us today to learn more about RockStore’s many applications.

Financing options

Turnkey delivery

With an emphasis on high quality, cost-effectiveness, and on-time delivery, we offer turnkey solutions in markets worldwide.

Our full range of services includes – but is not limited to – site assessments, plant and distribution design, cabling, installation, testing, and project management. In short, everything needed to get your Heliac system up and running safely and on time.

Heat Purchase Agreement

We are pleased to offer alternative financing through a Heat Purchase Agreement (HPA) to customers looking for a less capital-intensive solution to their new system.

With an HPA solution, Heliac’s utility company installs, owns, and operates the system, delivering the heat directly to the customer’s facilities.


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