Who are we?

We are a revolutionizing solar technology company enabling emission-free heat production for global process industries.

About us

At Heliac, we work towards a world where all heat supply is both affordable and free from CO2. Founded in 2014, our company develops and distributes high-efficiency thermal solutions to process industries worldwide.

Uniquely to our proven and patented technologies, we offer a truly flexible high-temperature solar solution, which drastically reduces the costs and carbon footprint of thermal heating.

Our solar fields require a minimum of space, are simple to install and decommission without harm to natural surroundings. RockStore, our heat storage solution, is a viable game-changer set to release the full potential of solar thermal and power to heat.

This strong suite of economic, performance and environmental benefits makes Heliac a highly competitive choice for forward-thinking industries and public sectors alike.

Our History

Since 2014, Heliac has gone from ambitions on a drawing board to rolling out our patented technology onto high-performing solar fields.

Our story is one of continuous innovation, driven forward by a core team of highly skilled and curious engineers. The aspiration to develop the technology to achieve low-cost solar power plants was born from the founders’ pioneering work with solar compression foil. Since the first prototype, the team has innovated 8 generations and counting of our trackers.

Realizing the global need for simple and low-cost energy storage, our team of engineers expanded the company’s focus to include heat storage. These efforts resulted in our RockStore solution, which aims to revolutionize how the world preserves excess process heat and renewable energy.
Carried by its proven technologies, Heliac raised DKK 100M (approximately EUR 13.5M) in 2021. Today, we are a fast-growing scale-up counting about 40 ambitious employees.
The Heliac group also comprises SiOx, a provider of anti-scale coating for heat exchangers as well as Forsyning Danmark, a provider of renewables-based district heating.

Company Milestones

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