Solar Thermal

Discover an incredibly efficient and eco-friendly way to produce heat using nothing but the sun’s energy.

This is how it works

Heliac’s stand-alone solar thermal solution produces heat up to 160 °C. The system’s heat transfer medium is pure water.

Our proprietary, high-efficiency lenses focus the sun rays onto receivers that convert them into heat that warms the water. The hot water goes into a heat exchanger, where it’s delivered into the customer’s facilities.

Our dual-axis tracking system ensures a much stabler output throughout the day in comparison to fixed systems. The annual yield is also up to 40% higher.

The solution is carefully designed for a minimal environmental impact. This is achieved from a surprisingly low material need and a high degree of recyclability.

The cleverly simple solution ensures a CO2 payback time of just a few months.

Thanks to the innovative low-impact foundation and the pure water transfer medium, the land is easily re-purposed once the plant is decommissioned.

The Heliac Solar Tracker

Each of the powerful lenses within the 8-lens panel concentrates the sunlight 50 times, turning it into a single high-intensity beam, which flows onto a receiver located just behind the glass.

Financing options

Turnkey delivery

With an emphasis on high quality, cost-effectiveness, and on-time delivery, we offer turnkey solutions in markets worldwide.

Our full range of services includes – but is not limited to – site assessments, plant and distribution design, cabling, installation, testing, and project management. In short, everything needed to get your Heliac system up and running safely and on time.

Heat Purchase Agreement

We are pleased to offer alternative financing through a Heat Purchase Agreement (HPA) to customers looking for a less capital-intensive solution to their new system.

With an HPA solution, Heliac’s utility company installs, owns, and operates the system, delivering the heat directly to the customer’s facilities.


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