Combi Solutions

Around the clock heat supply with Heliac’s solar field and RockStore solution. Carbon-free and cost-effective.

This is how it works

Heliac’s combi solutions unite our proprietary solar thermal technologies with our newly developed RockStore thermal 
storage solution.

The result is a powerful and economical way to secure continuous CO2-free heat supply up to 300 °C in both private and public sector installations.

Depending on individual temperature requirements, it’s even possible to integrate a steam turbine and thereby enable
heat-based electricity production.

Thanks to its flexible configuration, the combi solution allows
for integrations into existing installations such as PV plants,
power grids or to utilize waste heat. These applications only
make for an even more robust economy.


Financing options

Turnkey delivery

With an emphasis on high quality, cost-effectiveness, and on-time delivery, we offer turnkey solutions in markets worldwide.

Our full range of services includes – but is not limited to – site assessments, plant and distribution design, cabling, installation, testing, and project management. In short, everything needed to get your Heliac system up and running safely and on time.

Heat Purchase Agreement

We are pleased to offer alternative financing through a Heat Purchase Agreement (HPA) to customers looking for a less capital-intensive solution to their new system.

With an HPA solution, Heliac’s utility company installs, owns, and operates the system, delivering the heat directly to the customer’s facilities.


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