Utility and Funding

Introducing simple zero-risk financing of your Heliac solar thermal solution.

Get the benefits without the risks

Despite its obvious economic and environmental benefits, the prospect of investing and operating an in-house solar thermal facility is not for everyone. With a Heat Purchase Agreement (HPA) through Heliac, we offer the same strong advantages but without the risks.

This is how it works

When financing your Heliac solar thermal solution through an HPA, our utility company is fully responsible for the plant’s development, installation, and ongoing operations. There are several benefits associated with this model.

First and foremost, it removes any up-front investments and financing obligations. It also eliminates any financial or technology-related risks as these are taken on by our utility.
Finally, Heliac bears the responsibility and any costs related to maintaining the plant’s operations.

Although there is no official minimum commitment, a typical HPA will run for at least 8 years before the financing model becomes economically attractive for the customer.


In case of any questions regarding subsidies and legislation, please reach out.