Electricity is just one part of the puzzle

You are in the same boat as possibly most other people – but nevertheless wrong – if you think the world will become a clean, carbon emission free place as soon as most energy demanding processes have been electrified and powered by solar cells and wind turbines.

Decarbonizing Industrial Heat

13-14% of global carbon emissions are caused by heat-driven industrial processes up to 400ºC/750ºF. Annually, these emissions increase at more than double the rate of emissions from transport, electricity, and buildings.

Solar Heat – a Roadmap to Below $25/MWh

Market penetration of solar heat is challenged by high costs, low awareness, and perceived risks. These challenges are no different from what solar PV and wind have faced and can therefore also be mitigated by the same market strategies.

Is Solar Thermal a Trillion Dollar Opportunity?

Solar thermal can produce clean heat to run processes that cause a third of global carbon emissions. In this article, I argue that a $1 Trillion pot of gold may await the right solutions.

Combining Heat & Power

Wind turbines and solar cells generate electricity. Electricity can also be produced by solar panels that – like magnifying glasses – concentrate sunlight to high temperatures. This article compares use-cases and their consequent economics.