Cost of Heat

So far, the only available methods for large-scale sustainable production of heat at sufficiently high temperatures come at costs 2-3 times the fossil-fired alternatives.


Higher temperatures give more potential use cases, reduce the volumes needed to process or store the heat, and increase efficiency of several processes including conversion efficiencies of turbines turning heat into electricity.


The ability to store excess energy is key in transitioning from a fossil-powered energy system to a system built on sustainable methods of energy generation. This article is a call-out to all the inventive minds and resourceful investors out there. There should many opportunities in this space over the next many years.


Taking advantage of the relatively low costs of long-duration heat storage is one way to further increase renewables share of the energy market.

Plenty of Room

Outside cities are industrial zones and outside industrial zones is farmland with plenty of room for solar fields.


The same sustainable solution, sold at the same price to the same customer delivering the same performance for the same purpose in the same place, produces energy at costs somewhere between 50 and 200% the price of natural gas.