Let's decarbonize
district heating

If we ever want to reduce our carbon emissions, we need solutions that are both better and more cost-effective than the ones we seek to replace.

Hot news for homes everywhere

Millions of households around the world rely on district heating. Unfortunately, most of it is generated from burning natural gas and coal. Heliac’s revolutionary technologies has the capacity to deliver the same reliable output but at lower costs and completely carbon-free.
  • Heliac’s heat generation is 100% CO2-free.
  • Our technologies can be coupled to other renewable and fossil-based sources.
  • Solar thermal ensures stable and predictable energy prices unlike natural gas and other resources.

Our technology is tried and tested

To date, Heliac has already installed two full-scale solar fields generating carbon-neutral heat for district heating. One facility supplies its heat generation to the international utility company E.ON.

Heliac’s solar fields seamlessly integrate with other energy sources and heat storage technologies, which makes them financially and environmentally attractive in many different use cases.

Our solar fields are also available with low or high-temperature storage capabilities. Low-heat storage is based on conventional water tanks, whereas our high-temperature solution, RockStore, uses rocks and eco-friendly natural oil to retain heat.

  • Low-temperature storage facilities store and distribute excess heat from e.g., solar fields and heat pumps.
  • High-temperature storage facilities store heat in rocks at up to 300 °C until it is needed back in the network.
  • A steam turbine extracts thermal energy from pressurized steam to produce electricity.
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